A Message from Haji Kamal Abd Razak.

Dr. Haji Kamal Abd Razak

Welcome to Pencil.my – the innovative solution to drive enjoyable learning through an engaging multi- dimensional education platform. I invite you to join with me and hundreds of passionate volunteers, business leaders, parents, distributor partners, education leaders and students who are committed to help raise and strengthen the performance of our students.

Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd was founded in November 2012. The key principle of its launching is to influence the power of education through technology innovation. Our main goal is to become the company that focuses on customer centricity to attend the needs of our customers. Our mission is to be an outstanding education service provider brand, to become the most relevant education platform provider, and to provide the best support to customers.

Pencil.my provides opportunities for students to help expand their minds as we bring global quality to our local students. We want to encourage them to believe in themselves and their future. We provide resources and support to parents, local organizations, schools, but most importantly – students. Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia and University of Malaya (UM) are working together with Pencil.my. We will work closely to provide the best of support to our students.

In spite of all these efforts, our distributer partners are the real key of improving the educational opportunities and bringing success to all of our children. They are the ones who are providing a better future for our generations. The roles they hold are big and important, more important than most jobs out there – it’s admirable, honourable, and respectable. Many thanks should go to them.

As we enter this new chapter in our foundation’s education work, we are as excited and optimistic as we were when we first began with the project. I hope you will feel the same joy as I do from helping the young people in reaching their potential and becoming Malaysia's future leaders. We look forward to working with our team and especially our distributor partners on this next generation of challenges and opportunities. Let us make a difference in the lives of our students. Join me, and be the difference.

Thank you for your interest in keeping our Malaysian students strong.

Tuan Haji Kamal Abd Razak, MBA.
Executive Chairman and The Director, Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd.

Haji Kamal Abd Razak holds a master’s degree in business administration; majoring in Techno-Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at UTM on a program from Cranfield University. He is now a PhD candidate in the field of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management at University of Malaya.

He was the Chairman of Educational Village Project in Pahang, and the Chairman of Pahang State Industrial Safety Committee. His professional career experiences include being the Shift Operation Engineer at Tenaga Nasional Berhad, and the Regional Manager of East Coast at Shell Malaysia.

His exposure in business experience is gained from the various positions in technical services, business development and marketing while in Shell, being a multinational company, in several sectors including retail, commercial, manufacturing, high street, construction, training as well as running his own enterprise. He was also awarded the Best Marketing Executive of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and the Outstanding Regional Manager Retail of SMTSB. Much appreciation goes to him as he has kindly helped and generously provided many priceless contributions to Malaysia’s world of business.